Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to compete to train at your gym?
NO! While a majority of our members are competitive in Powerlifting, Weightlifting or Strongman, it is not a requirement to join our gym. We have many members who will never compete.

Am I strong enough to be at your gym?
WE DO NOT CARE HOW MUCH YOU LIFT. NO ONE HERE DOES. We have world class lifters and BRAND NEW people to the gym. We welcome everyone and everyone here will support you!

Can I share my membership/visit pass with someone?
NO. Your key card is only for you. If you share it with someone else we will cancel your membership/key card without warning and no refund.

Can I bring my own equipment?
Yes within reason. A good amount of equipment we have has been provided by members. We take no liability of what may happen to your equipment though. Check with us before you bring anything!

I am interested joining your gym but I would like to come in person to take a look.
We can do this but by appointment only. We have a LOT of photos on our Instagram and Google Maps that do a pretty good job on showcasing our facility. We recommend you check those out before anything else.

Do you offer any personal training or classes?
All personal training is done by freelance trainers. Please check our trainers page for their contact info, availability and prices. We do NOT currently offer any classes.

I want to join your gym but I am new and don't know where to start!
Awesome! We would be happy to have you. You can reach out to any of the freelance trainers or if you are feeling ambitious you can learn the basics via Youtube and then find a free online program.
We recommend a beginner strength training or Powerlifting program. You can always ask any of our members for some general help which they will be more than willing to give.

When is the busiest time?
In general... weekdays 7pm-10pm and weekends 9am-4pm. Sunday evenings are the most quiet time of the week.

I'm a trainer and would like to train my clients at your gym. Can this be done?
Yes! We do rent our space to trainers. Please send us a message!

Do you have any free trials?
No. However if you do a drop in we can credit it towards any visit pass or membership!

I am really nervous to join your gym. It seems very intimidating. Will I be ok?
YES you will be just fine! While our gym may not look like a spa type environment larger chain gyms have, we can assure you that this is the most friendly and welcoming community of lifters you will ever meet. Don't judge a book by its cover! Ladies, don't worry either. The guys here care way more about each other (in a bromance way) than you. Ask any female member here and they will all tell you how comfortable they feel.
We have no tolerance for those that look down on others and have inflated egos, those that do that are kicked out and banned which we have done before.

Do you give refunds?
We refund billing mistakes as any good business would do (mistakes are very rare thankfully). Otherwise, no. We have no contracts and give a discounts for longer memberships. Giving a refund for any remaining part of a membership defeats the purpose of offering longer term memberships! If you want to test the waters we recommend doing a drop in and then either a visit pass or month pass and decide after that.



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