The ones who will help you become your greatest self.


Jordan Lau

Founder & Janitor

Jordan is NOT a trainer but owns and operates the gym. With a passion for Powerlifting and Strongman you will likely either see him training along side you or making general improvements to the facility. He loves to know every member on a personal level and nothing fulfills him more than seeing members hit new PRs all while having the time of their lives.


Goldie The Cat

Official greeter

Although a member, Goldie is a feral cat who has taken a liking to all of the gym goers... probably because we feed her. Although not friendly enough to pet yet, you will likely see her as you walk into the gym and even sometimes she wonders inside.


Leanne K


Leanne is a certified personal trainer that is not only does Powerlifting but a whole bunch of other crazy calisthenics things as well as dabbling into Strongman. She is an expert in pre-hab and rehab. Don't let her super jacked physique scare you though, she is extremely friendly and easy to get along with. If you have any nagging pains, want to try calisthenics or just need some guidance in the gym, send her a message. *Please note Leanne is a freelance trainer and sets her own rates. Message her for more info



The Lady of The Throne

She is pretty much the reason the place exists.

All trainers have their own pricing. Please contact them for all inquires.


4-7823 132 St, Surrey, BC

Email: Info@IronThrone DOT ca