Founder, Owner, Does anything and everything, Pretends to know what he is doing

Jordan had no idea what to do with his life so for some crazy reason he opened a strength gym. He has been in the gym since 13 years old, competed twice in Powerlifting and has a tiny bit of experience in Weightlifting and Strongman. He along with Katie and his Father put together the majority of the gym including drywall, painting, electrical, storage, bathrooms and equipment. Every single mat you step on was laid down by just him! You can find him laying on the floor during team degenerate hours (after 10pm) between squat sets. He also made this website with zero experience and did it the hard way (and dumb way) of NOT using wordpress so if you spot any thing that needs fixing let us know! Also 99% of e-mails and IG messages are responded to by him.



Lady of the Throne

Katie is the one who keeps the place all together and to keep Jordan some what in line. She is usually in during degenerate hours and helps keep the gym neat and tidy. She also feeds the feral cats outside and really wants to take one home.


Vince Diguangco

ACE Certified Personal Trainer

Vince joined the fitness industry in 2012 and has done both group and personal training in many gyms. Recently he has ventured out on his own and now trains clients exclusively at Iron Throne. Vince is our go to trainer for newbies, beginners and early intermediates!
*Vince is an independant trainer and does both in person and online. Please contact him regarding rates and schedule.


Maddie Warren

International level Powerlifter, Owner of Power Up Fitness, Queen of hairdos

Maddie has represented Canada at the 2022 IPF World Powerlifting Championships as a 63kg junior. She has extremely good knowledge on training and nutrition and knows how to apply it since she was once 200lbs and weak to now one of the most jacked and strong ladies in the gym. Not only that, she also has had plenty of success with her clients getting stronger and losing fat. Maddie does both in person and online training and is extremely laid back and easy to get along with.

*Maddie is an independant trainer and does both in person and onlin . Please contact her regarding rates and schedule.

Power Up fitness Instagram

Ryan MacLellan

BA Psychology/Kin, 4x National Bench Press Champion, WNBF PRO, Fine specimen

Ryan is one of the original members of Iron Throne and has a very long history of Powerlifting and Bodybuilding. He has competed at the highest levels at both and continues to improve on both. Ryan also does calisthenics and plays other sports for fun. We are not sure if Ryan is bad at anything to be honest.

*Ryan is an independant trainer. Please contact him regarding rates and schedule.

Kevin Banunu

Kevin Nguyen

NSCA CPT - Online Powerlifting Coach, Curry lover

Kevin has been a member before we officially opened and when we only had 2 racks! He is currently in school for Kinesiology and does comp-sci on the side. He has very limited online coaching spots due to this.
*Kevin is an independant trainer. Please contact him regarding rates and schedule.


Strongman Crew

They like to pick up heavy objects

The strongman crew are not trainers but they are more than happy to attempt to convert you over to Strongman. They are a very friendly and welcoming bunch and would love more than anything to have more join them Sunday late mornings.
Contact any one of them for more information!

Derek Goodswimmer (Instagram) (Email)
Janine (Instagram)
Frank (Instagram)
Brian (Instagram)

Marcel Smejkal

Strongman Competitor, Kinesiology Student, ISSA Certified Personal Trainer

Marcel is from the Czechia and shares his love of the sports of Powerlifting and Strongman. He is open to helping people of all experience levels become stronger and move better.
*Marcel is an independant trainer. Please contact him regarding rates and schedule.


Jerold Pagcaliwagan

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, The Power Wagan

Jerold is a young powerlifter with a passion for helping others achieve their fitness and strength goals while striving to be a better everyday. He started coaching powerlifters- mainly beginner-intermediate lifters.

*Jerold is an independant trainer. Please contact him regarding rates and schedule.


Carlo Hung

Online Powerlifting Coach, Bench Press Connoisseur

Carlo is one of the first few members of Iron Throne who were training here before our official opening date in June 2019. He has grown signicantly in Powerlifting and now is one of the best in the province with all time PRs of a 250kg/550lb Squat, 195kg/429lb Bench Press and a 300kg/660lb Deadlift while weighing around 200lbs. He competed under Team Canada at Commonwealths in New Zealand in 2022 and came first in bench press and 5th overall. With encouragement from fellow members, he started doing online coaching for Powerlifting and now coaches a good portion of the gym. If you are an intermediate or higher and do not need in person training, we recommend Carlo. He usually trains in the late evening, he is extremely friendly so do not hesitate to ask him any questions!
*Carlo is an independant coach. Please contact him regarding rates.



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